Park view city The Walk

Park View City The Walk was announced back in Nov 2020, and it locates in one of the most beautiful and classy locations of the society. It is near Downtown commercial Park View City Islamabad. All the plots are of 1 Kanal Commercial Size. The purpose of designing the luxurious walk was to give Park View City Islamabad residents the same experience as Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates.

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Park View City The Walk

Park View City The Walk

Park view city The Walk inspired by Dubai Marina

The walk will be one of our most luxurious projects in Park View Islamabad. Heaven to famous brands. Experience neon lights and a unique shopping experience.

It is believed that the Dubai Marina is an artificial concept located situated at the Jebel Ali area of Dubai located on the Arabian Gulf, at least 20 km from Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall area. In addition to the malls and shops in the Marina area, the closest significant malls are Ibn Battuta in one direction and Mall of the Emirates in the other direction. People who opt to live in Dubai Marina do not decide due to the proximity to malls. It’s all about the water and the views of the water.

Dubai Marina is not far from Palm Jumeirah, and like the Palm, it required careful engineering to ensure that the water flowed smoothly and was kept fresh. Extensive earthworks dug deep canals in the sand, bringing the seawater inland along the coast for a length of about 7 km before returning to the sea once more. Over several years creating channels was the main element on the site of construction. After a short time, as happens with many things in Dubai, it was flush with towering structures lining the blue waters. While there are numerous completed towers and other structures within Dubai Marina, there are still many possibilities to purchase existing apartment buildings and brand new ones.

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