Islamabad Golf City

Islamabad Golf City

Islamabad Golf City can be the perfect location to raise your family near the suburbs surrounding the capital Islamabad along with Rawalpindi. This society will be an enclosed community with the most advanced security technology that will give you peace of heart and access to the community 24/7 via your mobile phone.

Islamabad Golf City


CEO is Muhammad Usman Khan. He says thay a nation’s environment characterizes culture, and its inhabitants are ambassadors by the way they live and value their cultural heritage. The capitals of any country play an essential part in the nation’s economy and represent the nation. We have worked in real estate in the fascinating capital city of all time, “Islamabad,” for a long time. In this time, we have been observing and learning from global developments in the way people live.

Islamabad Golf City results from the vast experience we’ve gained in this area. In contrast to considering real estate as a profession, we view it as a benefit to our fellow citizens. Consequently, we offer a concept that provides all the essentials of modern living and luxuries while considering residents’ physical and social health.

Islamabad Golf City CEO

Islamabad Golf City Master Plan

Designed and built stunningly, Islamabad Golf City Master Plan has modern and advanced amenities, as well as state-of-the-art planning, making this an ideal location.

It is one of the top real estate projects in Islamabad. You can buy the property or start a business here. The Golf City Islamabad has a range of plots available for commercial and residential use. The society management is also developing multi-purpose projects that can purchase apartments and shops.

It offers Residential Plots in Sizes of 5, 10 and 1 Marla on a 30-month Installation Plan. 

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Islamabad Golf City Location

Islamabad Golf City location situated at the Islamabad International Airport Exit (Thalian) exchange. Lahore Motorway M2. The Islamabad Golf City is a secure community equipped with a modern security system that will provide you with constant access to your smartphone 24 hours a day.

The site is also surrounded by established housing societies, including CBR Residence, Capital Smart City, Upcountry Enclosures, and CBR Town.

If you are on the road and want to reach the society site, for Google Map to guide you, click Islamabad Golf City Location

Islamabad Golf City Location

Islamabad Golf City NOC

Islamabad Golf City NOC is in process, and the developers are planning to launch the society once NOC is issued. Though the authorities responsible have yet to issue the certificate, the construction shows that it has underway and will be granted a NOC from the Capital Development Authority – CDA shortly.

The NOC is crucial to the credibility of a housing association. But, the absence of a NOC does not mean that the proposed project is not legitimate or has legal issues. It can take time to get a NOC for a massive development plan. 

 However, it suggests that the authorities have granted the developers permission Islamabad Golf City to proceed with their plans. The project developers have been operating in the real estate industry for quite a while and are one of the most reliable and trusted firms; thus, we can be sure they will be granted a NOC with no issues.

Any residential project’s NOC is deemed extremely important to all the people who are affected and interested in the project. 

Golf City NOC

Amenities and Features

Self Sustainable Society

Alongside offering all the amenities, you need for your ideal lifestyle, they are also committed to providing the most luxurious living environment that includes an internationally-standard Golf Course.

Because the safety and health of our members are our highest priority, we have designed the most eco-friendly community in the twin cities by distributing more than half the entire area to trees. Walking trails for special occasions are included in our plan to ensure that you enjoy every moment with your loved ones. 

This society isn’t an old-fashioned housing association; instead, they are determined to make this unforgettable by embracing positive feedback. They will always be attentive and appreciate your feedback.

The housing scheme is planning an advanced energy system that will include solar panels, Waste Management, Organic Food Market, and shuttle service within the community to satisfy the community’s transportation needs.

A modern community should have an Advanced Security System with 24 hours of security, a Solar System, a Waste Management Area for Hospitals and Schools, an Organic Food Market, Shopping and Restaurants, a Shuttle Service, as well as Recreational Parks and Playgrounds, 24-hour ambulance service, and a Ground Electricity Supply.

Islamabad Golf City Photos