Islamabad Golf City Booking Process

 Islamabad Golf City booking process is explained by Vital Marketing and please call or Whats APP on 0317-7480845 or 0334-5133312

  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • Two duplicates of your CNIC (Certificate for National Identification)
  • Two two copies of the I.D Card of the next of next of kin
  • The NICOP is a service for international clients.

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Islamabad Golf City Booking Process

Islamabad Golf City Booking Process

Guidelines to Follow 

Vital Marketing strongly recommends that you adhere to these guidelines prior to purchasing any property within the Islamabad Golf City housing scheme:

  1. Verified No Objection Certificate NOC issued by Capital Development Authority CDA
  2. Verify the documents in CDA
  3. Find a reputable and trustworthy real estate firm
  4. Be sure that the funds are in accordance with the payment plan prior to buying a home.
  5. Assess the accessibility of the services like gas, water, and electricity.
  6. Perform a thorough evaluation of your infrastructure.
  7. Take a look at the area around Islamabad Golf City and see how close you are to schools, hospitals and offices, in addition to other things.
  8. Assess the degree of security that is provided to the citizens of society.

What complete Islamabad golf City Booking Process?

The society is situated between two major roads: the Motorway and located near the Airport Intersection is the future of Islamabad. Islamabad Golf City is one of the closest societies that is located near the Airport and has other well-known adjacent regions. In addition, it is located just behind I-16, and prices will increase once NOC is Issued.

With the establishment of a residential area within the heart of Pakistan, Islamabad Golf City is bringing the true essence of life to Islamabad. The developers have done impressive work by conserving 40 percent of the area green, especially for people who love the sport and would like to be in the midst of the natural world.

Before investing in a home project, investors should consider various elements, including pricing location, location, the certified no objection certificate, payment plans facilities, and accessibility. The payment plan for the home initiative in negotiations attracts investors.