Islamabad Golf City 20 Marla-1 Kanal plot for sale

Islamabad Golf City 20marla-1 kanal plot for sale requires a thorough plot materials exterior and interior details to create the final plan for your house. 

The 1 Kanal plot is big enough to be an excellent plot to comfortably and easily accommodate a large family with 10 to 15 people. A plot of 1 Kanal equals two marlas, 4500 sq feet 4,19 square meters or 500 yards (Gazz). The design of the house may comprise single, double, or triple floors, depending on the requirements and budget of the homeowner.

A skilled house planner will bear all the specifics required to build the perfect house plan, ensuring satisfaction and minimizing all mistakes. 

With a 50×90 land area, Kanal home plans could include the essential design elements, including four to six bedrooms, attached bathrooms, garages with two spaces for parking, a lounge and dining space, and a decent-sized kitchen terrace moderately-sized lawn as well as a basement and backyard.

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Islamabad Golf City 20 Marla-1 Kanal plot for sale

Why Islamabad Golf City 20 marla-1 Kanal Plot for sale?

An investment in 1Kanal plot can bring many benefits like;

  • This size plot has enough space for a huge house to accommodate an entire family. With solid construction and multiple floors, families can live in one place.
  • There are a variety of possibilities to build the building you want to build on 1 Kanal. Investors can build residential and commercial units and mixed-use projects in the expansive area.
  • 1 Kanal plot offers you the possibility of building an exquisite villa or house. It is also possible to earn a significant income from a well-constructed structure on a 1 Kanal plot.

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