Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Islamabad

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Islamabad

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Islamabad is a housing society near Rawat in Pakistan based on the development of Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne served as the capital of Australia between 1907 and 1927, and the city is known worldwide as the Garden City. In 2002, Melbourne was named one of the world’s three most liveable cities. Among other things, it is frequently referred to as the world’s sports capital. Graffiti-lined lane ways, great coffee, and diverse culture are Melbourne’s other attractions. The residents from Pakistan will receive the exact model of Melbourne and even have the neighborhood named after the suburb.

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Islamabad

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Islamabad Location

Hawks Melbourne City Location is close to Rawat on Chakbeli Road. As a result of the planned interchanges between the N-five radio station and Losar Mor, the location will be easily accessible from Ring Road. The society in Chakbeli Road is moving towards section III expansion of DHA.

  • 10 minutes from Giga Mall
  • 5 minutes from Rawat City

You can visit the site location by accessing google map on the move by clicking here

If we look at the place of Hawks Melbourne, it is in an excellent location in twin cities, surrounded by the most prestigious neighbourhood.

Ring Road Station interchanges with the radio station are located on its outskirts. Additionally, when you look around, lots of elite societies are situated in the area; in addition to Hawks Melbourne fits in perfectly

Hawks Melbourne City Location

Master Plan

Hawks Melbourne City Master Plan.

Hawks Melbourne city master plan will include 2500 kanal land.

Master plans are continuous long-term planning document that offers a layout that will guide future development and growth. Master planning establishes connections between social settings, buildings and the surrounding environment. A master plan is a compilation of analyses, suggestions, and plans for a location’s population and transportation, housing, the economy, community facilities, and land use. It is based on input from the public survey results, planning initiatives, existing development physical characteristics, and economic and social conditions.

Master planning may take on one (or all) of the following functions:

    • Plan a phasing, implementation and timetable and determine the priorities to take actions
    • Create a framework to facilitate revitalization and attract investments from private companies.
    • Create and design the three-dimensional urban landscape.
    • Define public, semiprivate and private spaces as well as public amenities.
    • To find out the mix of uses and their physical connection.
    • Participate in the local community and serve as a facilitator of consensus.

Hawks Melbourne City Developers

Hawks Melbourne City Developers are Black Hawk Builders, one of the first pioneers of the real property marketplace in Pakistan.

With decades and experience under their belts working behind Hawks Melbourne, the builders are 100% committed to achieving our objectives and goals of creating the most desirable living space in Pakistan.

They work hard to deliver projects on time, adhering to strict deadlines and providing excellent products to our clients.

Inspired by Australian architecture and design, Hawks Melbourne will be the most current project in Rawalpindi.

Hawks Melbourne City developers

Hawks Melbourne City NOC

Hawks Melbourne City NOC is in process.

A NOC assures that the seller’s property has no outstanding dues before selling it. In addition, it confirms the applicant’s eligibility for admission as an associate member of the society. A No-Objection certificate is required when a property deal is conducted, a bank loan is taken out, or another financial institution loan is obtained.

Amenities and Features

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Islamabad will have an eco-friendly environment and a gated community. It offers different amenities. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Mosques
  • Tram System
  • Imam Bargah
  • Horse Riding Club
  • Open theatre
  • Hospitals
  • Church
  • 24/7 security system
  • School/ College/ university 
  • Wild Safari
  • Water Theme Park
  • 24/7 Maintainance office
  • Community Centre
  • Underground utilities
  • Water filtration plants, Play ground and parks