Forest town Islamabad Farm Houses

Forest Town Islamabad farm houses are unique because they are constructed on 250 kanal, representing 25 percent of the total surface of the planned land. The dimensions of the farmhouses are

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

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The green colour of sun-soaked grass is almost ethereal. The rustling leaves that flutter in the still breeze of the otherwise quiet and peaceful morning and the occasional bird chirping within the nearby tree are honey melts into your ears.

Imagine sipping a cup of tea at Forest Town Islamabad farm houses watching the scene in person from your window. Through the window are your private garden and the tree that houses the bird’s nest, newly cut grass reflecting sun, and the breeze you feel as you step out.

What if I said that this magical place isn’t only there but also located close?

Imagine yourself as one of the owners of this slice in heaven. If this doesn’t bring you goosebumps, I don’t know what else will.

Forest Town Islamabad Farm houses

Your ideal location could be Forest Town Islamabad Farm Houses located near Giga Mall and Rawat.

As with any other urban setting and the twin cities are beautiful. They are at a stage where the traffic jams and lights are more visible than the night sky. The peaceful breeze is drowned by the fumes from cars and running air conditioners.

While everything is accessible and just a few steps away, the constant daily routine of being a part of a concrete development can be exhausting and take its toll on you.

Forest Town Islamabad Farm Houses

Benefits of Living in a forest

  • There are normal neighbours to one end of our house, the kind who cut their lawns and wave when they pass through. Our neighbours on the opposite side are more mysterious. We have observed everything from bears and wolves to bobcats in our yard. 
  • I remember the joys of spotting newborn songbirds, collecting delicate snail shells, and finding garter and skink snakes. My favourite experiences personally were with the owls. An owl from the northern pygmy was perched on our fence while we walked for a walk to allow the ducks to run free and allowed us to get to be within 5 feet. 
  • On summer nights, when the windows are open, you can hear barn owls screaming and coyotes snapping, which I enjoy in the comfort of my sleeping bed.
  • While this isn’t something I’ve taken full advantage of, I’ve had the pleasure of spending several long summer days building cabins, tepees, and lean-tos. Now that I am an adult, I can’t be patient enough to introduce my kid to these pleasures and hopefully be a part of them along with her.
  • I don’t hunt, at least not at the moment. The family and neighbours who hunt can get off the job, leave the house, go through the back door (until they’re safe from all structures), and go hunting. It’s not always as simple as that, but it’s an excellent option.
  • Exercising is practically a fact of daily life with the outdoors being so easily available in Forest Town Islamabad farm houses. From those quiet walks to a dip in the river or gathering firewood, exercising is simpler when you’re not contemplating the idea (or just watching reality t.v. on the treadmill).
  • I’m at home in the company of trees. While I like being by the water or on the deserted sands, none feels more comfortable to me than a mountain range or the forest.

Above mentioned experience will give a push to invest in Forest town Islamabad Farm houses