Capital Valley Islamabad

Capital Valley Islamabad

Capital valley Islamabad has closest possible Location to Islamabad International Airport strategically placed at the centre of central Loop of Airport, CPEC, M1 & M2 Gate Way.

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Capital Valley Islamabad Introduction

Capital Valley Islamabad

Capital Valley Islamabad NOC Registration

Capital Valley Islamabad NOC registration is under process

Capital Valley Islamabad NOC

Capital Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Capital Valley Islamabad Payment plan is provide below. Please have a look. These are pre-launch prices

Capital Valley Islamabad payment plan

Capital Valley Master Plan

Capital Valley Islamabad Master Plan

Master plan is well-designed and adaptable and involve people from the neighborhood and others from the beginning, making the plan a factual foundation and a greater chance of being realized.

Though circumstances differ from place to place, the primary factors driving the creation of an overall strategy are usually that the current conditions of the park need to be understood, the community needs to be engaged, or the garden needs an organized and straightforward strategy to achieve its goals.

Site Location

Capital valley Islamabad Location is on zero km from New Islamabad Airport in Fateh Jang, and its offices have multiple locations.


Capital Valley Location

Capital Valley Islamabad Amenities

A Global Doorway

  1. 5-star hotels and allied facilities
  2. Host / Stop Over for local and international travelers.
  3. It includes international Corporate Sector Headquarters for multinational companies with frequent international traveling.

24/7 Living

No need to go anywhere to do anything. A blend of residences and elite economic activities (Hotel Industry and Corporate Sector), all aspects of life from Groceries to Show Rooms, Medical Services, Education and Recreation.

  1. Complete Blend for All Income Groups Overseas & Elite’s Club
  2. Farm Houses Middle and Upper Middle Income 
  3. Plots and Villas of Various Categories Lower Income Group Vertical Homes Living Streets with Concept Design Pave’s way to Urban Security, Health & Prosperity Complete Design Harmony, 
  4. Urban Planning & Design
  5. Landscape & Architecture in Complete Coherence 
  6. Smart Technologies and Sustainable Infrastructure 
  7. Integrated Network of Roads with Three Tires of Security. 

Other Facilities 

  • Elite Club Specialised Hospital Facility 24/7 
  • Security System 
  • Amusement Park 
  • Saddle Archery 
  • Potential for Renewable Resources(Wind, Water, and Solar Energy) 
  • Zero Waste Community (Sewerage Treatment Plants and Solid Waste Management Systems) 
  • Tracking System for Visitors 
  • The whole Infrastructure is linked through Smart Communication Network & GIS.

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