Blue World City Balloting

Blue World City general block balloting was successfully conducted, and more than 4000 files were part of this ballot. A more organized and transparent balloting process was achieved with e-balloting in Blue World City. About 7000 members, investors, and realtors attended the balloting.

This ballot included all plots that had straightforward instalments. The second ballot will soon include plot files that have outstanding dues. In addition, the ceremony also includes the inauguration and dedication of the Blue Mosque. 

General Block is the most crucial block of BWC Islamabad. Here, different types of plots are on offer in instalments, and it is developing rapidly. The successful balloting for plots in General Block has also helped society move ahead.

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Next Balloting Update

BWC Islamabad will soon announce the official date for the Overseas Block balloting, following the successful voting of General Block. It’s a big deal for Overseas Pakistanis, who have invested in the Overseas Block at Blue World City Islamabad. The balloting will take place in 2021. We will update you as soon as the date is announced.

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Blue World City Balloting

Blue World City Balloting

What is a property balloting system?

In property sales, where there is more demand than supply, balloting and allotment systems are used. It is evident in many countries around the globe where there is a shortage of housing, and it is especially apparent when it comes down to new-build properties. If more than one person is interested in buying, an expression of interest is made (EOI).

Each party will need to sign official ballot papers. These documents confirm that they have committed to purchase if the ballot is successful. The next stage is the distribution of the properties. The winning buyer will purchase the property by drawing lots from a box.

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