1947 housing scheme Islamabad

1947 Housing Scheme Islamabad

1947 housing scheme Islamabad is a new upcoming society in Islamabad by SIGAL Group.

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1947 housing scheme Islamabad


With the dramatic change in the population of Pakistan, substantial real estate developments have been built to meet the global standards of living. However, this isn’t easy to reach the 1947 Housing Scheme Islamabad, but it’s not anymore. The housing complex is ideally situated in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

This society aimed to revitalize Pakistanis’ traditional lifestyle and incorporate modern amenities. It is a stunning housing development that comprises residential and commercial properties equipped with the latest facilities and amenities. 

To make it easier and more convenient, the designers of the 1947 Housing Scheme Islamabad has divided it into different sectors for your convenience and ease of use. The housing society has been divided into 13 other sectors. Each sector comes with all the amenities provided by this housing community. You can reserve one of the areas you prefer with a payment of 30 per cent. The fields include:

  • Sector A to Sector M

1947 Housing NOC

1947 Housing NOC is the document that confirms the project’s legality is the essential part of any housing project. Furthermore, obtaining a NOC can be a complicated and lengthy process. The NOC is currently in the process.

1947 housing NOC

1947 Housing developers

Sigal Group has completed several projects and has done much work in the past. This is one of their most recent projects, and with such a portfolio, investing in such a masterpiece will be risk-free.

In addition to offering a diverse range of services in travel and tourism, leasing of international property, turnkey construction projects, as well as marketing of many real estate ventures, the SIGA Group of Companies is bringing to the table 45+ years of combined experience from MEEZAB, BINHAM, HADAYAH, and UDAAN.

With the help of experts with extensive international experience, our sister company SIGAL Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. has promoted numerous residential schemes, commercial buildings, and farmhouse projects across Pakistan in the past two decades.

Understanding the true needs and wants of our potential clients is one of our main priorities, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches in market research to tailor solutions that will not only satisfy, but also excite our clients.

1947 Housing Location

It takes 10 minutes to get to the Islamabad International Airport. The M-2’s Chakri Interchange makes accessing both cities easy via the CPEC’s Eastern Route.

In short, it’s a “hybrid” method to preserve traditional and cultural values and use the latest technology in one place. Investing in real estate requires consideration of location, which cannot be more critical.

Price rises and decreases are impacted by it significantly. We all know how Islamabad is, and the 1947 Housing Location is stunning, original project within Islamabad’s borders. The housing developments in a tranquil area will attract buyers to this complex.

1947 housing scheme Islamabad Location

1947 Housing Master Plan

1947 Housing Islamabad Master Plan is under process

1947 housing Islamabad Master Plan

1947 housing Scheme Islamabad Amenities

This development aims to offer more than just the conveniences that are certain to be available to you because of the excellent location in Islamabad’s capital. As well as providing the most sophisticated and modern facilities, the development will raise the standard of living to a whole new level.

Developers designed the 1947 Housing Scheme. It took a lot of effort to develop the Masterplan for the 1947 Housing Scheme.

The features one has used while being part of the iconic project include:

Community club:

Centers for community events, celebrations, and maintenance discussions serve as central meeting places for residents. You can engage in conversations with neighbors if you have the opportunity to engage and interact with them.

Also, it enables residents to take part in making a difference in their community by spreading their opinions, messages, and voice throughout the world. 

Enormous Jamia Mosque:

Islam, therefore, places high importance on mosques, hence the massive Jamia mosque as part of the Housing Islamabad Masterplan of 1947. They encourage people to remain loyal to their religion and pray in the mosque five times a day.

Central Library:

There is nothing better than visiting the library. In 1947, the Housing Scheme constructed one central library within the complex. Most housing complexes lack libraries; however, the 47 Housing Scheme provides access to a library and schools of the highest caliber.

Health Care Units:

We can’t purchase our health, but it may also be the best investment. Architects built hospitals nearby to quickly get to hospitals, which says “Do or Die” simultaneously. The top hospitals will also have top specialists and medical technology.

Institutes of education:

It is the only way for you to transform the world. To ensure your children’s future, designers focus on building outstanding educational institutions.

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