1 Kanal Plot for sale in Park View Islamabad

1 Kanal plot for sale in park view Islamabad are for people who want to live a lavish life. Overseas Pakistanis mostly purchase these plots. The added advantage of 1 Kanal plot is to the architect who designs basements, rooftops, and lawns so that modern state-of-the-art designs can give awesome ambiance. 

The 1 Kanal plot space can provide your dream lifestyle become a reality. It gives architects a lot of options for high-quality elite standard living.

1 Kanal Plotsare available in 

  • Overseas Block
  • A and B Blocks
  • F Block
  • H Block
  • J Block 

2 Kanal plots are only available in J and F Block

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1 kanal plot for sale in park view Islamabad

1 Kanal Plot for sale in Park View Islamabad

PLease check the pricing table above for different rates and installment process.

With 1 Kanal space, all seven interior design elements can easily be incorporated by Architect as there is no issue of the budget by the owner of the plot. Following are the list of elements if you select one Kanal plot for purchasing:

  1. Line 
  2. space
  3. Shape 
  4. Form 
  5. Texture 
  6. Colour

The Architect uses the latest software to create stunning and latest designs with 3D photorealistic imaging, which suits your lifestyle and occupants’ requirements. All is possible due to the space provided in 1 Kanal plot.

If 1 Kanal plot is corner plot and park facing, you will enjoy.

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